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Cash drawer 101

Cash drawer 101 is opened manually and secured under the counter (work surface)

Ergonomically designed the cash drawer’s size (height only 60mm and fully opened only 17cm) allows the cashier to stand and also sit comfortably during operations.

Made of silver grey glossed metal.

Key lockable (cylinder lock delivered with 2 keys)



The cash drawer is suitable for any retail, hospitality or office environment and is currently being used in shops, pharmacies, banks, offices, casinos, GPs, dental practices, cinemas, police stations and various boutiques and larger shops.

It is opened manually with the push to open, push to close option and is mounted under the counter (work surface) maximising available counter space in front of the cashier.

The cash drawer cannot be seen from the customers view point.

The money tray insert can be easily lifted out, has 4 coin compartments, 2 free floating note compartments and a separate compartment for receipts. It is made of black PVC-free plastic. Additional inserts for the cash drawer are available to purchase allowing several different cashiers/operators to use the same cash drawer/terminal. A lock (Lock 402) is also available to order ensuring safe storage and transport of the money tray inserts.

Mounting rods (412/413) are available to order if there are fence or console under the counter.

Size: 473mm (width)* 344mm (depth) * 60 mm (height)

The cash drawer is made in Sweden and CE certified. All materials and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.